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Streaking Changed My Life

Hello, my name is Yvonne, and I am a streaker. I never thought it was something I would do. I was surprised at how many people do it. Streak Runners International (SRI/USRSA) currently lists over 1500 active streakers in the U.S. 

Once upon a time, I hated running. I wasn't good at it and I tend to avoid things that I'm not good at--like video games. I thought runners were crazy. I couldn't understand why they put themselves through the pain and struggle, running to nowhere. I just didn’t get it.


I started running three years ago. I was looking for a new challenge so I signed up to run a 5K. Being an overachiever, I fit a 9-week training program into 8 weeks and completed my first 5K in September 2016. It was HOT. It was TOUGH. But I finished it. Despite my struggle, I wanted to do it again I wanted to do better. I ran another 5K in April 2017 and did do better…but not good enough.

I think I joined the Runner’s World Run Streak to earn a seat at the Runners' Table. I didn’t consider myself a runner. I never ran competitively, I hadn't been running very long, and I wasn’t very fast. The RW Run Streak Challenge began Memorial Day and ended on July 4th, I started a few days early (overachiever). I continued after July 4th because I wanted to be published in the SRI/USRSA registry. Maybe if I ran at least one mile every day for a year, I could call myself a runner. I completed a 10K in November 2017, a half marathon in January 2018 and another 5K in April 2018. Finally on May 25, 2018, I celebrated run streak day 365!

I am a runner…not because I run every day, not because I completed a half marathon, and not even because I have a running tattoo on my forearm. I am a runner because I run.

In addition to being a runner, I'm a wife, a mom, a friend, and a counselor. My family, friends, and clients inspire me to be the best version of me, and running helps me do that. I'm into year 3 of my run streak and I appreciate showing up for myself every single day. 

In the beginning, I ran to run better. Now I run to live better.

Running is my therapy. Each day as I lace up my shoes, I set my intention. Through running, I quiet the noise—the negative voices in my head telling me I’m not strong enough, fast enough, young enough, good enough—not just in running but in life. And in the quiet, I hear the wisdom of my body, my mind, my spirit, and the universe, all saying, “You are enough.”  

No matter low long or short, fast or slow, easy or difficult my runs, I continue to move forward, gaining insights and making new discoveries, and I always feel better at the end of each run. Streaking has helped me to become calmer, stronger, more confident, wiser, and healthier.


I invite you to continue on this journey with me as I continue to streak and share the pieces of runningWisdom I gather along the way. 

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