• Running therapy is a unique therapeutic approach that combines mindful movement with psychotherapy,

  • It capitalizes on the mind-body-spirit connection--when progress is made in one area, improvement is experienced in other areas. 

  • Being outdoors, side by side can feel less confrontational than sitting face-to-face in a therapy room.

  • The rhythmic left-right stimulation of running/walking can help facilitate emotional processing and improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction and chronic pain.

  • Mindful movement can facilitate a closer and more respectful relationship with the body, something that may have been lost through physical or sexual trauma or substance abuse and other numbing behaviors.

  • Observing how you approach running can serve as a window to how you approach life and can help identify and overcome the barriers of reaching your goals.  

  • With running therapy, you are literally taking steps toward your wellness goals. 


  • Our first meeting will be in the office so we can establish your goals for therapy.

  • Running therapy is always at a conversational pace--a speed that allows both of us to speak easily. It is not intended to be an athletic workout.

  • We may engage in a combination of running, walking, stretching and/or sitting.

  • I will make recommendations, but you will be the one to check in and decide what feels appropriate for you.

  • The idea is to increase your body wisdom awareness--the connection you have with your body and the information it sends you to best live your life. For subsequent sessions, you and the weather will decide if we go out or stay in.

  • You determine both the pace of the movement and the pace of therapy. 

Ready to stop running from your problems?

If you want to move forward toward your goals, all you need to do is take your first step.